San Francisco Shopping

The Westfield Center
The Westfield San Francisco Center is a large indoor mall that has a stunning design and some very unique indoor architecture. The mall has large open skylights as well as an area where there is a tall domed ceiling supported by columns. There are stores located on every one of the five levels of the center. Hundreds of shops are available including specialty manufacturer outlets, department stores, and niche shops that target collectors of music, toys, or jewelry. Visitors who want a fast bite to eat will find most of the food being sold in the concourse although there are a few vendors scattered around the first and second levels.

San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) Gift Shop
The San Francisco MOMA is very close to the Moscone Center. Visitors who do not have the time to tour the entire museum can stop inside and visit the unique gift shop. The gift shop includes a variety of different art-related items including prints, postcards, and books. There are also some more distinctive items such as umbrellas, aprons and buttons that celebrate the museum itself and some of the artists that are on display.

Napa Valley Winery Exchange
This is much more than just a simple wine shop. The Napa Valley Winery Exchange deals almost exclusively in California wines from small and specialty makers. Visitors are able to purchase wines that were made in nearby vineyards and that are representative of California. There are wine tastings for shoppers and official tasting panels where the newest wines in the store are judged and then given awards based on the scores.

Metreon Mall
The Metreon Mall is a very modern shopping center that is located just a short distance from the Moscone Center. It has been recently renovated and now has a very bright and sunny appearance. Shoppers will find a spa, a bookstore, and an urban department store inside. Like most of what is around the Moscone Center, however, the Metreon Mall contains mostly restaurants and cafes. Visitors can eat in the newly opened dining terrace. There is also a large modern movie theater accessible from within the mall.

Embarcadero Center
The primary theme of the Embarcadero Center is fashion, luxury, and gourmet living. Most of the stores that are located within this center are high-end fashion shops for both men and women. There are also many jewelry sellers scattered throughout the space. Several of the shops are gourmet boutiques selling everything from beauty products to toys. Visitors who will be spending part of the day in the Embarcadero Center will find a wide range of restaurants and cafes both in the center and just outside.